Antica Masseria Di Puglia

Antica Masseria Di Puglia

We are a family-run company founded in 1982 in Noicattaro, a small town on the outskirts of Bari. On the second generation, we continue to transmit with our products all the love and passion for true Apulian cuisine. Today as then, we work in the most absolute respect for the earth, its rhythms, thus producing genuine foods, of very high quality and full of taste. Our land, prepared for agriculture, offers us the possibility of exploiting what nature gives us. Products such as aubergines, tomatoes, artichokes, olives ... are worked directly by the raw so as not to alter its properties and taste using exclusively extra virgin olive oil of our production. Over the years our structures, as well as processing techniques, have adapted to the times; We are indeed a state-of-the-art organization, production processes and controls. However, one thing remained unchanged: the quality of our product that being craftsmanship and Casareccio manages to guarantee the taste of homemade product. a unique tasteful experience to offer with pleasure to our customers to tell, through our passion, the true taste of things made like once

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Pickled stem capers and salted capers

  • - Whole olives in brine and seasoned

  • - Creams and pates of black and green olives in extra virgin olive oil

  • - Artichoke pâté, tomato, garlic, aubergines, chilli pepper

  • - Tomato Sauces and Sauces

  • - Ready-to-use sauces and gravies with olives, aubergines,

  • - Chili pepper, oregano, prepared for spaghetti

  • - Spices , bunches of oregano

  • - Vegetables in extra virgin olive oil


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