Gusti Pregiati

Gusti Pregiati
I am Pino Spanu and I represent the Tharros fishing, a small reality born in Cabras in Sardinia in 2004. We are islanders and the sea is a vital lymph for us. We work the jewelry hidden among its waves with extreme passion and care: our products of excellence such as the Bottarga, the smoked fish, underneath and sauces are made with handicrafted procedures handed down from generation to generation. All to offer our customers those tastes of the highest quality expression of a unique land.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Bottarga, smoked and salted fish, bluefin tuna in oil ep

  • - Cabras Mulse Bottarga

  • - Red Tuna Bottarga

  • - Tuna Musciame

  • - Tuna speck

  • - Various smoked

  • - Bottarga cream

  • - Gamber and octopus ragout

  • - Riccio pulp caught in Sardinia

  • - creams with bottarga.


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