cillo experience

cillo experience

We are pleased to introduce ourselves: we are the Macelleria Cillo, a company with over 40 years of tradition, passion and research in the processing of meat. Our history has origins away in time and space, when Sabatino Cillo, a young butcher formed in Switzerland, decided to open his first butcher shop in the Caudino territory. From that moment, his dedication and constant work have led him to become a public figure, invited in various television broadcasts of the kitchen sector, nonchà © teacher at the sweet and salty school. Today, the Cillo Experience brand is our new evolution, capable of offering a unique culinary experience, which originates years earlier, when Sabatino Cillo created its certified meat supply chain, a guarantee of quality for our customers. Our meats are selected with the utmost care and passion, both the Italian ones of the supply chain and selection of Cillo and the international ones to the brand ""The choices from Sabatino"", and then be transformed into our workshops into the highest quality products, ready to be served on tables and on those of your best rooms. We are particularly proud of our Cillo meat chain. The supply chain with the Samnite territory is a very important reality for the production of high quality cured meats and meats in Italy. The Sannita territory, located in the Campania region, is characterized by a climate favorable to the breeding of different animal breeds, which are selected with scruple by the Cillo chain to ensure the maximum goodness of the products. Among the selected breeds we find the Marche, the Red Pezzle, the mestizo crossroads of Scottona del Sannio, the Calabrian Apulian pig (ancient Lucanian black pig), the Casertana breed pig, the heavy lurious pig of Sannio and the Laticauda lamb. The Cillo supply chain undertakes to scrupulously follow the accommodation and feeding phases of each individual animal, in full respect of nature and its balances, to offer its customers high quality products. Among the historical curiosities of the Samnite territory, the presence of human settlements since the Neolithic period should be mentioned, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological sites in the area. In the Roman era, the Samnite territory was one of the main areas of production of wine, oil and cereals of the empire, thanks to the fertility of the soil and the presence of important communication routes, which we still still select to create our products e Our recipes. We have revisited the recipe of the grandmother of the classic ragù and for 2 years it has been elected RAGù Gambero Rosso Top Food Quality that we called '' The grandmother's ragù '' during the Middle Ages, the Sannita territory was disputed between various lordships, including the Normans and the Lombards, who made it one of the most important cultural and religious centers in Southern Italy. Today, the Sannita territory continues to be an important production center of high quality products, thanks to the passion and commitment of companies such as the Cillo chain. Finally, our project Cillo Experience is a real ""forge of ideas"" where Sabatino Cillo experiences and manufactures its excellent gastronomic products, merged together with the Swiss tradition and Italian cuisine. We are sure that our passion for meat, combined with the constant search for quality, will leave you a unique and unforgettable memory.

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  • - Other cured meats

  • - gypsy bacon

  • - spreadable lard

  • - black pig and veal pate

  • - seasoned cured meats

  • - frankfurters from the Marche top food red prawn

  • - hot dog frankfurters from Campania

  • - fleischkase

  • - zamponero black pig's trotter top food red prawn

  • - cotechino di nero top food Red shrimp

  • - Farmer's cooked ham from Lucanian black pig

  • - Farmer's cooked ham from Sannio pig


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