Az. Agricola Castagno Alexa

Az. Agricola Castagno Alexa

My all -female company was born in 2013 from love for the earth and nature. Initially specialized in fruit and vegetable cultivation, we select our best fruits by transforming them into goodies to be enjoyed. Since 2020 we also dedicate ourselves to the breeding of animals from life from which we obtain different fibers that we work entirely on site. From the height to the final object.

Catégorie de produit

Aliments,Boissons,Maison et Décoration

Les produits à la foire

  • - Jams & Jams

  • - Extra strawberry jam

  • - Extra blueberry jams

  • - Extra cherry jam

  • - Extra jams without added sugar

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs

  • - Tomato sauces and sauces

  • - Blueberry juice

  • - Strawberry juice

  • - Christmas decorations

  • - Decorations in carded wool from our breeding


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