Don Calo' - Eccellenze Siciliane

Don Calo' - Eccellenze Siciliane

Don Calò is our small reality, a family -run company, with the aim of bringing our Sicily to the table, land of countless agri -food excellence, to which we are deeply linked. The name ""Don Calé"" is that of our great -grandfather Calogero, who loved Sicily with great passion. Today, with the same passion, with the story, with the flavors and with the colors that our land offers us, we want to bring you within our entirely Sicilian world. We made a small artisan laboratory, located in San Teodoro common in the inside of the heart of the Nebrodi in the province of Messina. Built according to the latest EU regulations on food hygiene and with the latest generation machinery that allow us to work by guaranteeing perfect and constant health safety, but above all, keeping an intact taste of our products up to your tables. Each product Don Calé is a riot of flavors, designed to delight the palate of each consumer. Our range of products varies from jams with 70% fruit, pest and spreadable creams. We produce artisanally and innovatively, but attentive to the link with our territory, traditions and respect for the environment. Our choice is to make all our products with manual procedures and without â € â € � “I of thickeners, such as pectin or other non -natural additives, but simply using the fruits that our land offers us, like the apple rich in pectin natural. The preparations are used very few added sugars, those strictly necessary for the conservation of the products. All our productions are gluten -free, colorless and without preservatives. For us, the fruit that nature and the earth offer at the moment, in fact the products are made exclusively with seasonal raw materials is fundamental. We have selected only producers who respect the maturation times and the collection traditions, thanks to this the fruits manage to have persistent perfumes and flavors, characteristics that you will find in our productions.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Olive pâté

  • - Chili pepper pâté

  • -

  • - Pistachio pesto

  • - Wild fennel pesto

  • - Dried tomato pesto

  • - Caponata

  • - Pistachio spread cream

  • - Hazelnut spread cream

  • - Almond spread cream

  • - Bitter orange jam

  • - Extra blackberry jam

  • - Extra fig jam

  • - Chili pepper compote

  • - Extra grapefruit & juniper jam

  • - Extra ACE jam


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