Don Giovannino Bakery

Don Giovannino Bakery
Giovanni is a baker who begins his business from a very young age. Lievitis and doughs become his magic, his passion over time. As a simple baker, the art of oven desserts has saved and for a decade has been experimening more through the doughs of panettone and doves. His art begins to be appreciated everywhere not only in his Calabria but also in the rest of the world from Germany to London to the USA.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Panettone Red Velvet

  • - Pistachio panettone

  • - Chocolate panettone

  • - Panettone with 3 chocolates

  • - Panettone Bergamia

  • - Panetone walnuts and figs of San Filo

  • - Riviera dei Cedri panettone

  • - Pandorato panettone

  • - Calabria lemons panettone

  • - Fi Fi Bosco Panettone

  • - Hazelnut panettone

  • - Traditional panettone

  • - Orange and chocolate panettone

  • - Coccobello panettone

  • - Panettone with pistachio taste combined with spreadable cream

  • - Typical lemon panettone of Calabria

  • - Traditional panettone with raisins and candied fruit

  • - simple pando panettone


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