Caseificio Pignataro

Caseificio Pignataro

History A tradition that is renewed ... the Zootechnical farm of Paolo Pignataro was born in the 1930s, in the early 1900s, and since then it has been sensitive to innovation in the livestock. Breater and Casaro, Paolo dedicated the entire life to these activities always trying to improve. In the 70s, the company was handed down to his son Francesco Pignataro, also a breeder and Casaro, who began a mandria selection work to obtain high quality milk and improve the productivity of animals thanks to the scientific contribution of sector techniciansFrancesco Pignataro also created modern animal hospitalization structures and began to use new technological equipment for milking. In the early 2000s Paolo Pignataro, grandson of the aforementioned Paolo and son of Francesco, took the reins of the company and in 2018 introduced two great news, creating the artisan dairy and the company store. The current company is the result of passion and commitment that has always characterized the work of three generations. Today Paolo Pignataro, born in 1987, continues with pride the family tradition of breeder and Casaro. Who we are the artisan culture of the Calabrian cheeses ... Under the push of the new generation, which has brought great innovation to the family business with the birth of the dairy there has been greater attention to its breeding of red and pedolian peeted thugs , to always guarantee a high quality level of milk. Because only the best milk gives Pignataro cheeses that unmistakable delicate, and natural flavor: the good taste of authenticity. Your fine milk, handmade according to tradition. The daily commitment to produce quality cheeses and to keep the authentic flavor of Calabrian cheeses in the artisan hands and hearts. Authenticity by vocation, although the times change, the Pignataro artisan dairy has a constant for always unchanged: the same care, the attention, the constant search for high quality, have remained intact today as then. Only one's own production (rigorously controlled in the chemical and microbiological parameters), which with the help of small secrets handed down from generations, through the mixing phases, coagulation and spinning of the pasta, and the addition only of little salt, to maintain The perfumes and flavors that nature gives, give life to ricotta, mozzarella flor of milk, burrate, fresh cheeses, semi -aged and seasoned with precious organoleptic qualities are unaltered. Each product is made with care, wisdom and passion, to make the authentic taste of the great Calabrian dairy tradition savor every day. Because choosing us experience and tradition The tradition for us is above all the result of work and experience that has always pushes us with passion to transform our milk, a simple precious gift that nature gives us, to produce our always unique cheeses For goodness and freshness. Artisan quality in our dairy products we only put our cow's milk and the work of our hands. Nothing else. This is how artisan and genuine products are born, good as tradition has handed down them, from controlled quality as the most modern directives require. From spinning to milk processing, everything happens following the ancient rites of the Calabrian peasant tradition, respecting procedures that aim to preserve freshness, taste, naturalness. Excellence and passion The passion is the real engine, the spirit that has characterized us for three generations. Which wants to bring only artisan, genuine, healthy products to your tables. Because what we want to offer you is a product of excellence, of the highest quality. A result that we manage to obtain by putting tradition and innovation into play. Safety thanks to an impeccable packaging, transport and distribution system, our still fresh products retain all the nutritional and organoleptic properties intact. Innovation innovation is the gear that allows our fairy tale to never go out, to look at tomorrow by writing new pages through modern technologies, scientific approach, cutting -edge techniques kindness and friendliness our products are like us: simple, good and genuine. The values ​​selected born and bred in the company feeding selected largely self -produced breeding management in compliance with the standards of animal welfare high quality milk crafts of the productions we commit ourselves to helping the environment in each of our processing pignataro handcrafted processing exclusively with milk company ... our dairy, inaugurated in 2018, has been designed in compliance with the most recent European regulations to protect the hygiene of the product and the protection of the environment. While preserving the traditional artisanal processing. The transformed milk comes exclusively from our breeding. We only use their raw milk, whole and fresh. Fresh milk is worked over 12 hours from milking, so that the ""raw raw material"" is transformed without receiving any thermal treatment that could alter its organoleptic characteristics. Our milk and artisanal processing are the pillars on which our dairy rests. We experience continuously and with passion to offer you quality products every day. We only use milk, salt and rennet, without adding preservatives, dyes or additives. The processing takes place entirely by hand, in full respect of a scrupulous hygiene, exclusively with company milk, where there is the only store inside which there is a window that allows you to be able to observe the processing. Behind our craftsmanship there are only our wise, non -mechanical hands. Hands that reflect the hearts that feed them and that make every detail and, why not, also small imperfections their authenticity. The flavors of our cheeses have different unrepeatable shades every day, thus guaranteeing you a unique experience every time. All this is determined by many factors: the milk that changes aromaticity with the passing of the seasons for the natural food variation of animals, the temperature, the transformation times, the people involved in production, the formats, etc ... the production process products of Tradition every gesture is a ritual, every step is fundamental, every movement knows of experience. Quality is always repeated identical to itself. Our processing process still preserves craft rhythms and gestures, favoring a traditional processing method with the aim of obtaining a superior quality product. At an initial phase of natural fermentation at 38 °, they follow the spinning and the moods at temperatures above 90 ° for complete hygiene and healthiness. Flatura is the most important phase of the production process and consists in working, in rowing precisely, the pasta with the addition of boiling water, in order to obtain the particular consistency of the final product and the perfume deriving from the typical microflora of this cheese. Tradition has it that the moods are handmade: it is precisely the gesture of the house of ""mozzare"" the paste -off pasta, tightening it between index and thumb, which gives name to the mozzarella. Tradition is the voice that crosses time and handed down businesses and efforts, it is prayer to heaven and earth, it is work and sacrifice, it is the stone on stone that builds the temple. It is like a path that fathers, grandparents and ancestors have opened and has been able to cross, enlarge, improve and adapt to their present time and the coming time of the children. Flavors and tastes that excite from our hands the products with which we bring emotions and well -being to the table. Craftsmanship as a work philosophy, the wisdom of ancient gestures to create cheeses of excellent dairy products. Experience, passion and desire to surprise accompany us in our daily mission: that of giving life to products of the highest quality, genuine, healthy, delicious. For years we have handcrafted the magic of the production of cheeses capable of preserving fragrances, perfumes and sensations of the past. We aim to make you live a true food and wine experience. And all this we can only do it starting from the raw material: from milk. The milk of our cows is unique. An experience made of products to taste, of stories to live, of territories to discover. Our fine milk every day we collect the milk in our breeding selected a few kilometers from our dairy. It is an ethical choice, which allows us to guarantee you the high quality and the unique taste of the specialties we offer you. All the milk we collect in full compliance with animals and the environment, we check it every day with technologically advanced tools. These are processes that we care with great attention, to guarantee a quality standard always up to our name. Our precious milk has the good taste of the land of Calabria is a genuine product that is good for the heart, as well as the palate, thanks to the greater content of Omega3, the precious polyunsaturated fatty acids that reduce the risks of the onset of cardiovascular diseases, because They regulate the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. History breeding, tradition and passion for high quality milk is here that it all starts, on our land, where we work to obtain the basic ingredient of our dairy: milk. Think of places, people and objects. Then imagine the details, the light and the colors. Our cows. We have created for them spaces and places in which to live daily in harmony, favoring their physical, mental and emotional well -being. Only from an excellent breeding can the best cheese be born. In the company, the choice of solutions for hospitalization and milking were made to guarantee respect for animal welfare and maximum hygiene of milk. In breeding our cows are cared for and cared for, about 30 garments of red peeted cows and 100 of podolic cows, are fed with fresh, mixed and inheated fodder exclusively produced in corporate land, a total extension of 100 hectares, among the municipalities of Terravecchia, Coeli and Cariati scale (province of Cosenza). To give life to cheeses that can tell our story, we breed our cows with passion and care, dedication and patience, in compliance with our tradition, the laws and rhythms marked by nature. This has become our lifestyle and work and are the principles that unite all the people who collaborate, in every role, in our company, now like a family. We still believe firmly in the values ​​of authenticity, of naturalness because basically our children are the first to eat what we produce. In our company we love to take care of our land, our animals and our authentic, unique, not approved productions. The breeding of our company, in Madonna del Carmelo in the municipality of Terravecchia, in the province of Cosenza, is located in a breathtaking location, with the green of the Mediterranean scrub to be the background to our days and the blue of the sea to draw The horizon. The quality is in our nature in our supply chain everything flows in harmony, because those who are well produces our secret is in the milk of red and podped peeled thugs raised in a territory still uncontaminated today. An enchanted place, full of greenery, history and natural resources. It is from that magical milk of happy grazing cows that our world begins. The milk, coming from a well -manned production chain, arrives daily in the dairy, examined and controlled, on the basis of rigid and well -defined parameters: breeding methods, stables hygiene and a controlled power supply. What the heart makes us beat every day our cows give us something very special: their milk. We have it well in mind. Also for this reason, we have always practiced transhumance, i.e. periodic movement of cattle from the autumn-winter pastures of the most mild to spring-summer plains at altitude. Our cows in spring are conducted on the green and uncontaminated pastures of the Sila National Park (UNESCO heritage), and then be traced back to our company in the autumn-winter period.

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