La Filigrana delle Sorelle Manunta

La Filigrana delle Sorelle Manunta
The filigree of the manunt sisters is a totally made brand in Sardinia. The laboratory, which is located in the historic center of Alghero, is a real point of reference for goldsmith crafts since the early years 60. Three sisters, in fact, carry on the family tradition born by the father, the master of art Antonio Manunta, and share the passion for jewels capable of expressing all their personalities and taste. Their production is always in step with the times and the collections include, in addition to numerous classic models, also jewels characterized by a balanced combination between tradition and modern trends. The realization of the artifacts takes place through different phases, rigorously manual, which require precision and experience, respecting the usual methods of Sardinian processing thanks to accurate craft processes that follow one another from the design to the final finish. The technique used, in fact, is that of lost wax merger (or microfusion), in use since anti -frosty and all applied in different sectors in addition to the goldsmith. All creations are in â € â € œGento tit.800â € â €, therefore without metal alloys responsible for any allergies. The only raw materials used are silver and copper. Each jewel is also embellished with natural stones of first quality such as coral, turquoise, onyx mother of pearl, etc. The entire production is intended for both retail and wholesale.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Sardinian wedding rings and women's silver rings tit.800

  • - Unisex Sardinian Fedi in silver Tit.800

  • - Woman pendants in silver tit.800+ stones

  • - Unisex pendants in silver tit.800+ stones

  • - Women's bracelets in silver tit.800+ stones

  • - Unisex bracelets in silver tit.800+ stones

  • - Silver female necklaces tit.800+stones

  • - Unisex necklaces in silver tit.800+ stones

  • - Silver twins tit.800+stones

  • - Silver lobe earrings tit.800+stones

  • - Silver pending earrings tit.800+stones

  • - Silver Parure Tit.800+stones

  • - Silver pins tit.800+stones