Az. Elicicola LA BAVETTA

Az. Elicicola LA BAVETTA
La Bavetta 'is a helical breeding, to reach it, just be guided by the geometries of the fields of the Lombard plain. We are in Ostiglia, in the province of Mantua, along the banks of the Po river. Here, Simone, 23 years old, took the peasant tradition learned by his grandfather and brought it to the future: the production of snails for food and cosmetic use is a sustainable activity. We breed the snails in the open field, recreating the conditions of their natural habitat: wetland, fresh herbs and a lot of shadow. They are born, live and reproduce in the enclosures of the breeding that stands between lush fields cultivated with sunflower. Each phase of the production of snails 'The Bavetta' takes place in compliance with the cycles of nature, to guarantee an always good, healthy and safe product for consumers: we breed them without the use of pesticides, feeds, fertilizers and fertilizers for guarantee the consumer products based on very high quality snails, for gastronomic, cosmetic and curative use. Food line: gastronomic products based on snail, 100% natural. Ours are fresh winemakers already purged, and many other products based on snail meat ready to taste. Snail meat is thin, healthy and protein, perfect for those who follow a diet that satisfies the palate and are good for health. Cosmetic line: the snail slime, collected following the delicate method ""Cruelty Free"" (which does not stress the snails), is the basis of the cosmetic line 'La Bavetta': creams, masks and serums for the face, natural body products , for the hands and hair. Health Line: Lumaca Bava has many benefits also for the health of adults and children. Among natural healing products of 'La Bavetta' you can find syrups for the well -being of the throat and the intestine, ointments to treat pains and inflammations.

Catégorie de produit

Aliments,Santé et beauté

Les produits à la foire

  • - Natural snails, 1kg tin, shelled, clean, pre -cooked

  • - natural snails, 360g vase, shelled, clean, pre -cooked

  • - natural snails, 200g can, shelled, clean, pre -cooked

  • - trifular snails, can 420g, only to be heated

  • - snails To the tomato and vegetables, 420g can, only to be heated

  • - snails with tomato and vegetables, 180g pots, such as sauce

  • - snails for pizza, can 450g, ready to put on pizza

  • - snails with the bush, 360g vase, sauce with mushrooms and vegetables

  • - Arrabbiata snails, 360g vase, Mediterranean dish

  • - snail speck and spinach, 360g pot, alpine dish

  • - Lumacies with leeks, 360g pot, very tasty dish

  • - Trifulated snails in cream, 360g vase, Lomabrdo-Veneto dish

  • - snail pate, eruption 180g, for aperitifs, pasta dishes

  • - snail ragout, 180g pot, with vegetable sauce

  • - sterilized snail shells, 36 pieces bags

  • - Gift packs consisting of 2/3/5 jars or cans

  • - Bourguignonne snails gift kit

  • - Food supplement, gastro syrup with 20%drool

  • - Food supplement, dry cough syrup with 20%drool

  • - Revitalizing bathroomdoccia with snail slime at 40%

  • - Elasticizing body cream with 70%snail slime

  • - Arnika Plus with snail slime at 30%

  • - Solid soap with snail slime at 20%

  • - Levante body scrub, deterge, exfolia and hydrate

  • - 60% lumaca moisturizing hand cream

  • - District hair conditioner, with 30% drool

  • - Slow and regeneral shampoo with snail slime at 30%

  • - Anti-aging eye contour in the snail slime at 50%

  • - Moisturizing, repairing, anti-aging face cream with an 80% drool

  • - Dettle milk with snail slime at 30%

  • - Facial mask with snail slime at 30% and horse chestnut

  • - Blackmask face mask with snail slime at 30%

  • - After the soothing barba-gel with snail slime at 30%

  • - Anti-aging face, revitalizing snail slime 90%


  • - 95% pure snail snail snail drop drops

  • - Body kit: BagnoCoccia and body cream

  • - Facial kit: face cream and drop drops

  • - Cleansing kit: cleansing milk and face mask

  • - Cleansing kit: micellar water and blackmask

  • - hair kit: balm and shampoo

  • - hand kit: soap and hand cream

  • - Anti-aging kit: face serum and eye contour

  • - Men's kit: face serum and after beard

  • - Men's kit: BagnoDoccia, shampoo and after beard

  • - Body kit: Bagoccia, body scrub and body cream

  • - Beauty Routine: face products for skincare routine

  • - Medium-chiara bbcream with snail slime

  • - medium-sketch bbcream with snail slime

  • - lip lip balm with snail slime

  • - medium-chiarated foundation with snail slime

  • - medium-jumping foundation with snail slime

  • - liquid lipsticks with snail boba

  • - Nourishing edge for eyelashes with snail slime

  • - medium-chiari stick corrector with snail slime

  • - medium-junk corrector with snail snail

  • - mascara with snail slime