The Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Rizzo was born in 2017 in the heart of Cilento, precisely in the historic territory of Paestum. The roots of the company are linked to the cultivation of pomegranate, in the Italian variety called ""horse tooth"", precisely because of the desire to re -emerge that millennial bond with the city of Capaccio Paestum. In fact, the pomegranate is depicted in every fresco present inside the archaeological area in the ancient city of Paestum in honor of Hera Argiva, whose temple was originally located at the mouth of the Sele river and depicted sitting on the throne with the pomegranate of Paestum in the left hand. Venerated by Greeks, Lucanians and Romans in the Pestano territory, the goddess Hera became the protector of navigation and fertility and over time, the ancient echoes of the myth, turned into the Christian cult of the ""Madonna del Granato"", whose etymology dates back to the Pestano dialect In which ""Granato"" indicates precisely that precious fruit, the pomegranate. The history of the pomegranate and its prodigious benefits are also present in the ancient Salernitana medical school, which implanted pomegranate plants for the whole of Cilento coast precisely to be able to use the characteristics of the fruit at best, considered an ideal drug to counteract reading forms of infections. Over the years, the Rizzo farm has implanted more than a thousand specimens of pomegranate by carrying out a completely natural management. A family ecosystem that has allowed to eliminate the use of agricultural equipment and the consequent use of harmful fuels, in order to be able to project themselves towards an echo unprecedented sustainability. 12 sheep, 50 between ducks and geese that daily fertilize and harm the area in total autonomy, and the fundamental presence of bees during the flowering of the pomegranate plant, present for the entire period of time that precedes the collection of the pomegranate in a Conspicuous number of hives, they are the natural resources of which the company has to naturally preserve its territory. It is precisely the bees that, by polling the flowers of the plant itself, increase the production of pomegranates in a completely natural way, guaranteeing the end consumer a unparalleled fruit. In December 2021, after years of accurate research and studies, thanks to the help of Dr. Angela Cola and all the Aphrodite Natura team, the Rizzo farm decided to create a natural cosmetic line dedicated entirely to Paestum pomegranate. A collaboration that gave birth to a beauty line capable of making the best use of the active properties contained within the pomegranate fruit, both of the peel and of the beans, technically called arilli. The choice to enhance the pomegranate of the Paestum territory, recognized over time for its incredible benefits, through a line of natural cosmetic products of excellence is a great pride for the company, pure expression of sustainability.

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Santé et beauté

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  • - Natural Make-up to the pomegranate

  • - Natural BagnoDoccia with the pomegranate

  • - Natural body cream with pomegranate

  • - Natural Solar cream with pomegranate

  • - Natural pomegranate deodorants

  • - Natural intimate detergent to the pomegranate

  • - Natural sludge and natural body masks with pomegranate

  • - Oils and natural pomegranate natural

  • - Natural body products with pomegranate

  • - Natural depilation products to the pomegranate

  • - Natural body scrub with pomegranate

  • - Natural pomegranate soaps

  • - Natural liquid soaps with pomegranate

  • - Natural Solid Solid Sapons

  • - Natural hands products with pomegranate

  • - Natural hair balm with pomegranate

  • - Natural Melagrana masks and treatments

  • - Natural hair products with pomegranate

  • - Natural pomegranate shampoo

  • - Natural pomegranate burrycacao

  • - Natural eye contour with pomegranate

  • - Natural face cream with pomegranate

  • - Natural face detergent to the pomegranate

  • - Natural face mask with pomegranate

  • - Natural beard products with pomegranate

  • - Natural face products with pomegranate

  • - Natural face scrub with pomegranate

  • - Natural face serum with pomegranate

  • - Natural pomegranate tonic

  • - Natural women's perfumes with pomegranate

  • - Natural men's perfumes with pomegranate

  • - Natural unisex perfumes with pomegranate