In 2018, the Casa Bonaria farm was born in the hinterland of the Pula territory, included in the Guturru Mannu Nature Reserve in the province of Cagliari, inserted between the sea and the mountains. The property extends for 8 hectares between olive trees, Mediterranean scrub and lots of space for our bees. We characterize ourselves for our organic imprint, we are waiting for certification, our olive trees are treated only with organic and natural products, in order not to affect the quality of our oil and preserve a healthy habitat for our bees the production of the oil is characterized from hand collection and cold pressing that guarantee excellent quality of product. The biodiversity of the Mediterranean scrub and the possibility of moving the hives to different areas of the territory allow us to have a good variety of mono floral honey. The myrtle characterizes us as well as by the production of the classic red myrtle, also for the production of the white myrtle of Bacca, a product ever among the most appreciated and sold novelties of this year is the introduction of a natural cosmetics line, studied and produced in Pula

Catégorie de produit

Aliments,Boissons,Santé et beauté

Les produits à la foire

  • - Evo oil of our production in 250 and 750 ml bottles

  • - Evo oil of our production in 5 lt tin.

  • - Assorted gift baskets with the Bonaria house products

  • - 400.250 and 150 gr eucalypo honey

  • - Orange honey from 400.250 and 150 gr

  • - Millefiori honey from 400.250 and 150 gr

  • - Honey from Sul

  • - Honey of Asphodelo

  • - Cardo honey

  • - Corbezzolo Honey

  • - Red and white myrtle in bottles of 500,200 e100 ml

  • - Karite butter body cream and Jojoba oil flavored with citrus fruits

  • - Body oil based on olive oil

  • - Face cream and lip balm


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