Fior di Roccia Valmalenco

Fior di Roccia Valmalenco
We are so enthusiastic to go back to business! We are The Good Life and in recent years, during an inspection, we fell in love with this place and we decided to move to reopen a historical but stopped activity for a long time. We would also like to help our customers find their version of the good life. After nine years of closing, we finally reopened and we are ready to welcome our guests. If you are looking for a place to call the house that is a little more relaxed, much more fun and full of people who make you feel welcomed, then we could be the right place. Our food is inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the area, our cuisine is made of colors, perfumes and flavors that accompany us in everyday life. We work to offer our customers the opportunity to savor the typical dishes of our territory. Every day we try to create a special moment for those who meet us and it is really the most beautiful way to ask customers to return. We know that sometimes the best things in life are right where you less aspect you. So come to Valmalenco, we can't wait to show you what we mean.

Catégorie de produit

Aliments,Boissons,Promotion du Tourisme

Les produits à la foire

  • - Gift boxes with food products and

  • - or stays at our structure

  • - Valtellina candies

  • - Jam & jams

  • - Apple and walnut cake

  • - Apple and potato cake of rock flower

  • - Bitter to the VAT grass

  • - Genepy

  • - Apple and cinnamon punch

  • - Apple liqueur and blueberries

  • - Digestive liqueur of small flowers

  • - Stay packages at our structure at 1500 meters

  • - Blueberry grappa