ANABASIS Cantine di Michelangelo Alagna

ANABASIS Cantine di Michelangelo Alagna

The company was born from the dream of the young entrepreneur Michelangelo Alagna, who after a path of classical studies, decides to put his degree in Archeology in the drawer to dedicate himself totally to wine production. The goal is to enhance the resources of the territory and native vines through wine, thanks also to the great cultural heritage of peasant civilization. Thus, after having taken a second degree in oenology and after having matured years of work experiences as an oenologist in various Sicilian cellars, the dream finally becomes reality: finally born Anabasis. The company name, as well as the names of the labels, are inspired by classical antiquity. Anabasis, for example, is the title of a Greek work that narrates the exploits of a group of Greek military that carried out a very difficult expedition against the Persian army: literally a ""path to the inside"" in an attempt to take a business , the same that Michelangelo tries to lead into the world of wine by relying on the value of people. The company produces only Sicilian native wines trying to maximize the bond with the Marsalese territory, where, a short distance from the coast the 15 hectares of property vineyards extend. The sun, the sea, the hills, arsure and summer drought are the elements that forge business wines. The grapes are transformed into a modern newly built cellar, where the owner first follows all the phases of vinification. Each label is based on a theme of the ancient world explicit through images, so tastings involve not only the senses, but also the mind, through a bond ever trivial between wine and art. The wines in the catalog are 5: the Nero d'Avola ""Katharsis"", which in ancient Greek indicated a ritual of spiritual purification to which an inner rebirth followed. It was the wine that started the adventure; The Grillo ""Aretè"" is the wine of virtue, while the dry Zibibbo ""Phronesis"" is the wine of wisdom and the ability to take the right decision; The Rosato from Nero D'Avola ""Euphrosyne"" grapes is the wine of the grace that even the red grapes is able to express, but also of the joy of living in the midst of nature; Finally, ""Pathei Mathos"", a passito cricket obtained with natural withering, is the wine of knowledge obtained at a high price by means of suffering. The classical culture, made of virtue, knowledge and art is the leitmotiv from which all production is inspired. The goal is to translate these values ​​into something concrete: wine.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Aretè Grillo Doc Sicilia 2020

  • - Aretè Grillo Doc Sicilia 2022

  • - Aristeia Grillo Doc Sicilia 2020 (24 months in barrique)

  • - Phronesis Zibibbo dry IGT Terre Siciliane 2022

  • - Katharsis Nero d'Avola IGT Terre Siciliane 2018

  • - Katharsis Nero d'Avola 2020

  • - Pathei Mathos Bianco passito IGT Terre Siciliane 2022

  • - Euphrosyne Rosato IGT Terre Siciliane 2022 (from Nero d'Avola)

  • - Gnothi Sauton Zibibbo dry macerated IGT 2022

  • - Dunamis Catarratto ancestral sparkling IGT 2022


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