Coral Sorsi di Sicilia

Coral Sorsi di Sicilia

Coral Sorsi di Sicilia with registered office in Via Enrico Berlinguer, 38 in Gagliano Castelferrato (EN), from 2004 produces exclusively by hand and artisan way, typical Sicilian liqueurs of the highest quality. We are present in the national and foreign market trying to propose the best for the satisfaction and needs of our customers. Ours is a family-run company, we transfer the passion and love of our land on our products. All our liqueurs are handcrafted according to ancient local recipes, with their fragrances and flavors speak of Sicily in every part of the world. WHAT DO WE DO Our company was born with the ambition to produce only liqueurs and high quality liqueurs and unique tastes. We started with four products and with our desire to grow we have developed a vast line. We are always looking for new tastes and to improve existing products to satisfy all our customers. Here is the collection of our products: lemon liquor, mandarin, figodindia, cinnamon, pomegranate, licorice, laurel, wild fennel, bitter of the Rocca. Creme of pistachio liqueurs, almond, black mulberries, hazelnut, coffee, strawberry, melon, fishing, chocolate. Almond flavored wine

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Prickly Pear Liqueur

  • - Mandarin Liqueur

  • - Cinnamon Liqueur

  • - Lemon Liqueur

  • - Pomegranate Liqueur

  • - Laurel Liqueur

  • - Fennel Liqueur

  • - Pistachio Cream Liqueur

  • - Almond Cream Liqueur

  • - Black Mulberry Cream Liqueur

  • - Strawberry Cream Liqueur

  • - Liqueur Hazelnut cream

  • - Coffee cream liqueur

  • - Melon cream liqueur

  • - Peach cream liqueur

  • - Chocolate cream liqueur

  • - Licorice liqueur

  • - Amaro della Rocca

  • - Pistachio sweet spread cream

  • - Almond sweet spread cream


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