The company Erkìles is situated in the surroundings of Olzai, a village of just over 800 souls set in the heart of Barbagia. The particular conformation of the Sardinian hinterland has meant that there was a strong citropastoral economy that with the passing of time has become a real tradition, if not an art, handed down from generation to generation and reached the Currenti family, That he knew how to treasure. The company Erkìles boasts a miniCaseificio that works independently produced by its own livestock, a flock of about 500 sheep that grazes in the open countryside. The same name ""erkìles"" (comes from the word ""erchile"" or ""irchile"" which means fence for goats from the Latin ""irchus"": goat) is a toponym and recalls precisely the nuraghe erchiles present in a location not far from the country, Where periodically the armories are transumed so that they can always feed the most tender and fresh grass. The meadows constitute the main sustenance of the beasts. Green and brilliant are presented, brushed thanks to the rains of the winter months that have overlooked the waterways, to be embroidered by wide expanses of flowers and herbal varieties during spring and finally leave space to the summer makeship that bears arsure by doing them Imbilate. Their expanse is often interrupted by agglomerations of fortresses and ""portions of forest"" consisting of holm oaks, oaks, oaks and olivabriots. Flavors and perfumes thus converted into candid and genuine milk, which changes composition based on the cyclicality of nature, of which the pastor becomes ""user"", bending it in his favor. From selected sheep a precious and high quality raw material is born, which alternates periods in which it is more rich at periods in which it looks lighter but always versatile and which lends itself to processing to become a type of cheese rather than another. The milk, once wipitically transformed from the hands of the chamber in the finished product through skilled secrets, will sprinkle aromas, perfumes and stories. They will therefore have cheeses with an inimitable and authentic taste, scigrants of flavors of once they married perfectly with innovation while preserving tradition. These terms are intentionally used because in a dramatic scenario that sees the agropastoral economy of Sardinia to certain verses on the shoulder strap with a milk price that is not worth the hard work of the shepherd, the company Erkìles knew how to distinguish pointing on creation Of a dairy product that could be good and genuine following traditional taste criteria but at the same time introducing an important innovation: the use of vegetable rennet (extracted from the cardo) and no more animal origin. This has allowed the attribution of the certification of vegetarian quality, opening borders to trade even in this branch. Safe and flavors are mixed by giving rise to a range of products that make up a real bridge between past and present, bringing the palate of the 'Taster to make a trip among the hints of the places where the delicate and enveloping flavor of ricotta or the intense taste of the most seasoned cheeses is originated, passing through the decisive aromatized with smoke of Mediterranean scrub and the strong forms they have Rested patiently in pomace. Fundamental ingredients that mix for a perfect success of the product are once again tradition, history, lots of sacrifice, knowledge, passion for your work and love for your Natìa land. All this teaches us that without the knowledge of the past we would not have present and we could not build any future. Last but not for importance is the experience, teacher of the teachers: only by means of it you can reach excellent results. It is wrong, falling and rising, trying without ever tiring that the company has come to conquer a good location at regional and national level, as evidenced by the numerous prizes won.

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