Handicrafts art, unique expressions of a particular culture of community through local craftsmanship and materials. Honar Fakher Production Company, established in 2014, start learning and produce needlework productions. To present in brief, we produce handmade embroidered jewelries, embroidered cloths and accessories. In 2016, succeeded to record our first work of art in Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance of Iran, under supervision of cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization of Iran. The above mention recorded work of art is Qashqai, rug motifs which embroidered on handmade jewelries . To introduce myself briefly as a founder of this production Company, it is good to say that I am a very social person and my cheerful disposition has made it easy for me to attract specially women to join and learn needlework, in order to keep this fine art alive and help them to find their capabilities. I graduated from University of Applied Science and Technology of Tehran in handicrafts 5 years ago and developed excellent skills in needlework during study at university and even after I graduated. The company operation generates skillful employment for over 20 people and more than 100 students in making needlework handicrafts during 2 years. Two main goal of my company art : first, to identify the level of living of craftswomen of the needlework industries and to encourage them to develop their knowledge and start their own business or join our company with special thrust on women employment and economic status of their households. And second, to keep this really admirable fine art, living in my lovely country Iran.

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