A RECBRIES S.R.L. It is located on the slopes of Etna and proposes from ""dozens of lustres"", on the Italian and international market, natural food products, rooted in a pristine environment. The strength of a richness is the craftsmanship of the processes of processing and the use of high quality raw materials, such as the bronte pistachio d.o.p. and the Sicilian almonds, many of which of the production of the family company, which operates in the field of production and marketing of the pistachio of bronte and dried fruit, for more than fifty years. The mission of a ride is to respect the values ​​and cultural meanings that the cultivation of the pistachio has in the Etneo territory, favoring the potential on the various markets, in the continuity of the Sicilian pastry and culinary tradition. The vision of in Rechiglia is to offer pistachio-based products, and other dried quality fruits, made with exclusively natural ingredients and D.O.P., machined according to handicraft techniques. I am so able to meet the preferences of a clientele attentive to taste, tradition and genuineness.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Pistachio almond and hazelnut spreads

  • - Pistachio liqueur

  • - Pistachio almond and hazelnut brittle

  • - Pistachio pesto, almond, Sicilian and rich pesto

  • - Caponata

  • - Pistachio panettone, traditional, lemon, chocolate

  • - Pandolci pistachio, almond, hazelnut, orange and lemon

  • - Jams and marmalades

  • - Pure pistachio, almond and hazelnut pasta

  • - Pistachio and semolina busiata

  • - Dried fruit (pistachios): shelled flour, grains and shells

  • - Dried fruit (almonds and nuts): shelled flour and grains


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