Boniviri is: ïilt the Italian food pantry, sustainable and of the highest quality. ï town a network of over 14 small virtuous farmers virtuous authors of food products of excellence is a BCORP, which respects the highest standards of social and environmental performance. pi§ A Carbon Neutral organization, which developed the first Italian olive oil with zero emissions. Boniviri offers a catalog of over 50 food products, such as extra virgin olive oil, herbal teas, spices, mix of seasonings, honey, capers, wine and many others. All these products are controlled from the field to the table and made by small excellence farmers, committed to respecting the quality protocol and sustainability of good -natured, and supported through commercial, training and support activities.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Organic extra virgin olive oil blend or monocultivar

  • - Etna white wine DOC

  • - Mamertino DOC Riserva 2015 wine

  • - Capers DOP Salina Island

  • - Fiore di sale with Sicilian citrus fruits

  • - Organic orange blossom honey

  • - Organic Sulla honey

  • - Fiore di sale with herbs from Etna

  • - Salina DOP capers

  • - Organic extra virgin olive oil blend

  • - Organic monocultivar extra virgin olive oil

  • - Dried chilli pepper from Etna

  • - Pure Etna saffron in stigmas

  • - Dried oregano from Etna

  • - Dried chili pepper from Etna

  • - Dried sage from Etna

  • - Dried mint from Etna

  • - Dried helichrysum from Etna

  • - Dried oregano from Etna

  • - Dried sage from Etna

  • - Dried rosemary from Etna

  • - Thyme and dried oranges from Etna

  • - Mix of fish, lemon and orange powder, lavender and mint

  • - Mix of almonds and oregano for focaccias and piadinas

  • - Organic orange blossom honey

  • - Organic Sulla honey

  • - Etna Bianco DOC Carricante wine

  • - Rosè wine "Nica" PGI blend of Nocera, Nero d'Avola, Nerello

  • - Mamertino DOC wine

  • - Relaxing lavender, lemon balm and orange peel herbal tea

  • - Energizing mint, rosemary and chilli pepper herbal tea

  • - Digestive laurel and lemon peel herbal tea


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