Azienda Agricola del Grillo

Azienda Agricola del Grillo

The Grillo farm is a family -run company located in the province of Trapani. A young company, born in early 2016, to an idea of ??the Grillo brothers who decide, in order to safeguard the ancient traditions, making use of the precious experiences handed down to him by his father and grandparents to start a new and ambitious project. It is aimed at closing the production chain and promoting a lifestyle linked to the ancient customs of the inhabitants of the territory which, following a typically Mediterranean diet, usually consumed the products obtained from their land with the minimum resources available at that time. The company, for three generations, has been dealing with the cultivation of its land using only biological methods. Only tomatoes grown at the company's land are used, they are collected and selected strictly by hand and transformed without the addition of preservatives.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs

  • - Tomato sauces and gravies


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