History of the Caonà farm we wanted to keep faith with tradition by setting the company according to the fees, criteria and processing technique handed down to date, starting from the name itself; In fact, Caonà was the nickname of the Quarchioni family, now the owner of the cellar, who with commitment and dedication carries on this family passion. Where we are the Caonà farm is located in a charming and characteristic medieval village: Loro Piceno, which enjoys an excellent geographical position, halfway between the sea of ??the Adriatic coast and the mountains of the Sibillini Mountains. The hilly territory and the mild climate enhance the quality of the wine, but above all we must in this country the ancient tradition of cooked wine. This has in fact been handed down from generation to generation and the art of the harvest in these hills is the set of work, experience and passion. The annual anniversary that in August is a symbol of this municipality is in fact the cooked wine festival which today exceeds the 40th edition. Our vineyard our vineyard can currently produce 40 ql. to 60 ql. of cooked wine depending on the agricultural countryside.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Cooked wine

  • - Cooked wine vinegar

  • - sapa

  • - cremo' (glaze made from sapa and cooked wine vinegar)


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