Casale Scola Srl Castelsilano ( Kr)

Casale Scola Srl Castelsilano ( Kr)

The hill of Mesudera, in the countryside of the Municipality of Castelsilano (KR), and its particular exposure between the Lese river (Sic area of ??Natura 2000) has always been synonymous with excellent olive oil with its dark and stony soil , the typical climate of the Mediterranean area and its particular exposure that looks to the age of the remains of ACHERANTIA. It is in this place so still wild and uncontaminated that the Casale Scola farmhouse produces its organic extra virgin olive oil in the 16 hectares of olive groves, placed at an average altitude of 500 m asl, in the heart of the production area of ??the oil -virgin of Olive Alto Crotonese DOP, recognized as such by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies since 2003. In these land particularly voted for this cultivation and rich during spring and summer of asparagus, thyme and wild oregano, natural healthy indicators of the territory, our extra virgin olive oil is born, produced by the Carolea and Pennulara cultivars, with its particular and peculiar characteristics of being a delicate oil, slightly fruity, with a color that from straw yellow it turns to light green. In this context of the territory, the company is creating an agricultural production system that aims to offer the consumer a organic, genuine and without chemical oil, reducing the environmental impact of agricultural activity as much as possible so that each handkerchief """" The corporate territory edge is used in compliance with its natural cycles and therefore eco-sustainablely, according to the parameters of modern organic agriculture to which the Casale Scola company has voluntarily subjected to

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