dream, vision, and project: saffron in Calabria cultivating the Crocus Sativus in Calabria - even before dreaming and vision constitutes - goodbye - a visionary if not bold idea. Visionario and Audace is certainly the protagonist, the architect of this Calabrian ""saffron"" located in Gelstello (hamlet of Roccani in the municipality of Simeri Crichi) just outside the Urban Circuit of Catanzaro Lido. The ""Zafferaneta"" occupies an area of ??over 12,000 square meters. The official date of his baptism is placed in 2019 when the first sowing took place. In 2021 the scope of the Zafferaneta reached the share of 300 thousand bulbs resolved. In 2023 there is an expansion up to 450 thousand. The ""Zafferaneta"" is waiting to receive conscious bio certification. (Reg. EEC 2092/91) This objective is the expression of one of the guiding values ??that inspires the project: ""Synergical agriculture"" means ""that while the earth makes plants grow, plants create fertile soil"". It is the so -called agriculture of not having founded on the tetrafarmaco: 1) no terrain processing; 2) fertilizers are not used; 3) pesticides are not used; 4) do not desert themselves. In essence, this method protects the soil ecosystem, allowing the land to maintain its layers, without shaking it nà © turns it, as the earth has the ability to car fearful by promoting a stable balance between its inhabitants, whether it is that it is Easter workers of depth, whether it is billions of species of microscopic vegetable or animal beings who live and die inside. At no time should be traumatized, modifying and upsetting their habitat. To achieve this goal, anthropic activities on the ground do not provide for the use of cutters but only of the ripper or re -relevant, that is, of an agricultural tool that prevents the stirring of the layers of the land. **** Flowering and unquestionably collection The most suggestive moment is the one that focuses in the short period of about 22/23 days between the end of October and in 23/23 in November in which the domineering protagonist is flowering: a monochromatic expanse of purple flowers that only waits to be collected at the first light of the dawn ""flower for flower"". A silent and spectacular liturgy reserved for the delicate hands of those who have the privilege of grasping that flower with 6 pets purple/lilac that encloses the 3 stimuli of reddly red color as a very precious jewel kept in its casket. Each project built on a vision requires tenacity, patience, expectation, foresight and an exercise of constant precision. The goal in this case is impalpable, almost ephemeral, infinitesimal: to make a gram of saffron there are 180 flowers !! But there that the finished product is able to offer is of exponential beneficial value so much that it can consider saffron a potential functional food or ""Functional Food"" (ie foods that combine nutritional properties and beneficial and/or protective actions on one or more functions of the organism). This short information note based almost on an act of faith of its visionary protagonist is aimed at all those who cultivate a dream, a project and do not stop at the first difficulties. That it is the passionate retailer who wants to offer its customers products of the highest value, that it is the intrigued patron that the idea of ??a saffrono in Calabria has become a reality that is added to the indigenous excellence iconically represented almost exclusively by chilli pepper, onion , with very fragrant citrus fruits, the meaning is the offer of a passion that translates into a very high caliber product.

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  • - Pec.ra cheeses semi-aged raw milk. organic with saffron

  • - Fresh pasteurized sheep's cheese with saffron

  • - Organic matured sheep's ricotta with saffron

  • - Calabrian saffron in pistils in 1g jars

  • - Calabrian saffron in pistils in 0.25g sachets

  • - Raw milk cow's cheeses such as Caciocavallo

  • - Raw milk cow's cheeses such as brie


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