Bartolini gubbio tartufi

Bartolini gubbio tartufi

Gubbio Tartufi is a small reality that has been dealing with the conservation and enhancement of the territory for thirty years. Our products are all made without use of preservatives or chemical additives. Our strength to work only raw materials at km 0

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Fresh white and black truffles #gubbiotartufi

  • - Saffron pistils #gubbio essences

  • - Truffle creams and sauces without gluten and chemical preservatives

  • - Saffron cream, saffron honey

  • - Flavored oils

  • - Dried porcini mushrooms

  • - Saffron chocolate

  • - Cheese jams

  • - Natural truffle and saffron products

  • - Fresh white and black Umbrian truffles

  • - Gubbio saffron

  • -

  • - Saffron grown in the pristine hills of Gubbio


Sans gluten
Km 0
Sans conservateur
Sans additifs