Caffè Tre Ceri®

Caffè Tre Ceri®

Tre Ceri coffee was born from a dream: to bring a special and unique coffee to the table for fragrance and taste. In 1979 we left in a small laboratory located in the house of Gubbio, where, Fiore Santucci, progenitor of the family and passionate about coffee, decided to undertake this activity starting with the learning everything that is used to create the best coffee ever! The choice immediately fell on the meticulous selection of the raw materials, looking for the best coffee producing countries and the toasting of the beans took place exclusively with beech wood and orniello to give each variety a unique flavor and scent. With the passing of the years Caffé Tre Ceri has become the most loved coffee and the most chosen by all the clubs of Gubbio and the surrounding areas. Today the family business is the son, Omar Santucci, who took the reins of it and has made it possible to innovate the processing methods to interpret and welcome changes in costumes and taste. His entry to the management of the company brought coffee three cers first beyond the territorial borders, and then expand nationally with an increasingly attentive and global vision in the spread of the culture of the good coffee worked with care, attention e the Italian artisan technique.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules 25 pcs + 2 FREE

  • - Lavazza A Modo Mio® compatible coffee capsules 16 PCS

  • - Lavazza Fap® compatible coffee capsules 25 pcs

  • - Nespresso® compatible decaffeinated coffee capsules 27 pcs

  • - Lavazza Fap® compatible decaffeinated coffee capsules 25 pcs

  • -

  • - Coffee pods Blend BuonEspresso Caffè Tre Ceri 30 pcs

  • - Coffee pods 100% Arabica Caffè Tre Ceri 30 pcs

  • - Caffè Tre Ceri decaffeinated coffee pods 30 pcs

  • - Ground coffee for moka 250 g Gold Moka Blend

  • - Ground coffee for moka 250 g Silver Moka Blend


Sans gluten
Sans lactose
Non sucré
Moins d'huile
Sans conservateur
Sans additifs