wellness and sins of throat. From pumpkin seeds dietary foods and various delicacies. Where? To Torsa, over there in the lower. Anaxum is the ancient name of the Stella river, a beautiful river like few others, and the torsa is one of its tributaries. Torsa is also an inhabited center. In the ""Semiverdi"" farm (Green Seeds, to understand) the products, indeed details and original, of the line called Anaxum are born. So far so much confusion, but it is not yet over. Among the products mentioned above there are evidently green seeds. Friulian plain: you expect the yellow of the corn, the beige more or less founded © of soy; Perhaps the black of the sunflower and God does not want someone to wait for the prosecco seeds. Who offers more? I tell you. These are pumpkin seeds, but yes, that result of a herbaceous plant with a prostrate and madrachetic bearing that the Friulians call mussel. Green is rather a gray -green load, we do as the uniform of Italian soldiers during the First World War. Advance Dauman that only the seeds of the pumpkins cultivated in Europe have that Pantone 560 C or 567 C color; Be wary of the other colors of non -EU busing colors or, as we read on certain packs, ""non -EU"". These and many other things I learned from the young spouses (Stefania De Giusti and Giuliano Fanton) with two beautiful children, who produce green seeds in Torsa. But yes, I know it seems strange to you, but they are precisely pumpkin seeds or, if you are Friulian, of Coce. What do they do? They sell them after drying at 40 â ° C. Since they cultivate pumpkins on hectares and hectares, they can't all eat them. There are seven hundred kilos of seeds per hectare! Vueli di Coce and they also make the oil. I guess you are very attacked with such Mediterranean and healthy olive oil. Know that pumpkin oil, as a salutist, does not fear comparisons. An elixir rather than a seasoning. However, gratifying if you make a sliced ??with homemade bread. Some time ago I approached this rare product, albeit available in the large -scale distribution, but it was disappointment and bitterness seeming me made with little pumpkin and a lot of anything else. In Torsa you go on the safe side. Where did these Balzane ideas not to do corn, soy and prosecco from? From the nearby Austria where pumpkin oil belongs to a consolidated agro -industrial tradition of the Stiria, the region that gave the name to the dance called Ite and which has for the capital graz. The anaxum oil can be found in two types: squeezed a cold and hot squeezed (without solvents!). The hot pressing has, evidently, a higher surrender, while the cold one maintains all the active ingredients, that is, all the beneficial substances contained in the Picje has been pressing © (it is the local name of the seed in question). Memento Homo who, if a pumpkin oil costs less than forty -eight euros per liter, is not pumpkin oil. Dragà © Es the slogan or, if you want, the claim of Anaxum is ""well -being and sins of throat with pumpkin seeds"". Now, established that the sins of throat, if at congrue but not excessive doses, they give well -being we see what our family of anomalous farmers still offers in the Friulian landscape: the dragàs © e.g.! Perbacco, and are excellent, such as to induce you in the temptation to overcome the modest personal use. Dragà © and is a beautiful French (from the Latin tragedy 'exquisiteness') documented by the thirteenth century with the meaning of Bonbon. PerಠLe Dragà © ES are much more than the Friulian Bonbons; In the Anaxum line there are three types all with the seeds of the cucurbitacea of ??which I do not repeat the name: covered with dark chocolate, or of milk chocolate, or cocoa. Bocje ce Ustu! The nougat, always made with these seeds, can hold the parry at the top named three delicacies. There is, then, a ""pralinato"" that can be a good, excellent in truth, alternative to the noccioline from the Luna Park. Yes, for me, that you want me to tell you, the dragà © Es remind me of Brigitte Bardot. Youth dreamlike. Pasta and much more pumpkin seeds 30%. The pasta, what did you believe? The rest, it goes from Sà ©, is a high quality durum wheat. It is clear that with 30% of an extraordinary seed of protein and oil you cannot make you a 250 gram pasta. You will see that the 60 grams recommended by the dieticians are enough this time. Excellent with a drizzle of oil only. Garlic, oil and chilli was a surprising experiment and remember that in any case it keeps the sauce tight. The most dietary, but sensorially curiously curiously, feel it with ragù. I don't know how to do it, all there. Having the house full of vocabularies I can only tell you that ragù is French word (ragoà ""t) with the original sense of"" pleasant food "". However, it doesn't remind me of Brigitte Bardot. The ""panel"" is everything that remains of the seed once the oil is extracted. You don't can throw away, nà © give the hens (even if in Austria I saw it do and the feathers made dietary eggs). Stefania and Giuliano derive a flour which, given the high content in oil (however superdietetic), should be treated with care in order to prevent sprinkling. The freezer lends itself to this purpose. This flour can be used like all the others, for example to make a different bread from the usual and certainly with a few more nutritional points (the two spouses are seriously thinking of obtaining a commercial product and experimenting with local bakers). An energy ""bar"" with the not negligible corollary of a 60-70% protein is also studying. Unsuitable for the sofa fanatics, but the sportsmen will thank. In the projects there are also biscuits (we can't wait) and we have heard with enthusiasm, which we would define as a daring, of a ""cheese"" made with oil and pumpkin seeds. Less daring and perhaps easier approach to the public, pumpkin ice cream which, I had no doubts, recalls the pistachio one. Yes, among the hypotheses there would also be pumpkin seed milk, but this drink, after my weaning numerous decades or are, has no more beautiful image in my eyes. So I leave the sentence to others. And it doesn't even remind me of Brigitte Bardot.

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