Cantine di Stefano our story was born back in 1895 when Giulio Di Stefano, first craftsman in Argentina, decides to return to his native land and acquire land devoted to the cultivation of wheat and vine. Don Giulio, a person of ingenuity and charisma, begins to produce enough wine to be able to barter it with other goods in the period between the two wars. The story continues in the 90s, when his granddaughter Giulio and his wife Nunziatina decide to found a modern family -managed company following what has always been an art handed down from generation to generation: the production of the Montepulciano d 'Abruzzo D.O.C. , a strong and kind, robust and fruity red, appreciated by simple amateurs and connoisseurs from all over Europe. Quality: from this word the project by Cantine di Stefano is born. Our vineyards, located in a hilly position near the coastal area, enjoy a happy south-east exposure. The marine breeze caresses our hills and plains, instead used for the production of the white pecorino and trebbiano wines. In recent years, consumers have increasingly paid attention to the quality of agri -food production also in the wine sector, placing increasingly demanding standards in terms of residues for numerous molecules. For this reason we have adopted the so -called ""integrated production"": it is an agro -food production system that uses methods and means of production aimed at minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals and rationalizing agronomic techniques, in compliance of ecological, economic and toxicological principles. The objectives we have achieved with the application of this new cultivation technique are: the improvement of hygienic-sanitary safety and the quality of the productions; the protection of the environment; The new generation of vineyards is divided into 20 hectares of pergolas and rows, implanted together by grandfather and nephew, daily monitored and cultivated by Giulio himself. The turgid bunches become red and pink wines DOC, Bianchi Pecorino and Trebbiano IGT. The best vintages meet the Slavonia oak barrels, where they spend 12 to 18 months before becoming Montepulciano Don Giulio and refinement in the bottle for six months. Our success our success begins with the care of our vines, a care that is found in the goodness of the wines. The collection of bunches is entrusted to a team of expert hands that also performs the selection of the same, while the winemaking process is entirely entrusted to the family of Stefano, who with the supervision of winemakers, rigidly follows the protocols, respecting parameters and temperatures. Hard work done with passion, whose result is a very high level family production wine, far from the industrial standards of large productions. In fact, Cantine Di Stefano only vinifies the bunches selected by their vineyards, fully exploiting the characteristics, directly following the supply chain and leaving the judgment of the final result to the enthusiasts. Marketing, a big word a day today! The best recognition is for us the judgment and loyalty of a clientele attentive to the choice of our wines, combined with the conquest of new markets. Our choice, bold and innovative in a period in which in addition to the quality of the product only the inventiveness and originality reward, consists in achieving our customers preferably directly through warehouses, licenses for import and our stores possession both in Italy and abroad. Last but not least, the combination with the gastronomic products of our area, useful for a better interpretation and understanding of our wines, is in a winning formula of exports of a made in Italy considered by our public luxury production or simply, superfood

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