Azienda Agricola Di Luzio Alessandra

Azienda Agricola Di Luzio Alessandra

The Market Alessandra farm, is a small family -run company located on the hill of Collecorvino, a town overlooking the sea and mountains from Pescara, in Abruzzo. The passion for our beloved earth has been handed down to generation generation, thanks to the firm values ??of our beloved maternal and paternal grandparents and our parents Alessandra and Hermando. Alessio deepened his knowledge, at the Itas P. Cuppari of Alanno (PE), regarding the crops, farms and transformation of the products. We have never stopped believing in our dream, and thanks to the continuous training and dedication, we have created a company that combines tradition and innovation. Sowing, cultivation, harvest and transformation of the finished product are made by us. We believe in the search for quality, and this is why we commit ourselves to the creation of excellent products, using the best resources, respecting and protecting our territory. In our company you will find: Traditional Frantoio of the Tomato Pasta Tomato Products Products in Oil Legumi Jams

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Bottled extra virgin olive oil without preservatives

  • - Extra virgin olive oil in tin without preservatives

  • - Extra virgin olive oil without preservatives

  • - Vegetables in Oil: Carrots and courgettes; Artichokes, Giardiniera

  • - Tomato sauce without preservatives

  • - Vacuum-packed dried legumes

  • - Durum wheat pasta

  • - Peaches in syrup

  • - Jams


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