Acqualagna Tartufi S.r.l. It specializes in the marketing of fresh truffles and in the transformation of these into multiple food specialties. Our company boasts an experience of over 60 years in the world of truffles thanks to the collection and marketing carried out in Acqualagna by the well -known Marini family; The purchase of numerous cutting -edge machinery has allowed a better and wider processing of food products. Thanks to the contribution of expert food technologists, we managed to maintain traditional recipes unaltered and to treat the preparation phase in an artisanal way; The company managed to extend the product cooking procedure on a large scale, to accelerate and automate the phases of invassening, sealing, sterilization and labeling of the preserved product. Our company operates in compliance with the most rigorous quality, environmental protection, health and safety at work standards by operating in accordance with international certified regulations. Massimo is the commitment of Acqualagna Tartufi to start © Each food product sold maintains the flavors and natural flavors of its territory as long as possible. To the experience of manufacturing with artisan attention and passion in the search for high quality raw materials, our company adds the seriousness and rigidity of the qualitative checks in accordance with the current EEC standards. For ten years we have been certified BRCGS and IFS and we also have a completely organic line. Our corporate policy favors the high quality of the products through careful search and selection of the collection areas of the precious hypogeum mushroom. Industrial semi -finished products are not used but only and exclusively the first choice raw materials; Once selected, all natural foods are then transformed, in the modern factory, following traditional recipes and modern processing techniques, in order to guarantee maximum authenticity. Regarding the products preserved is our care in selecting the best natural ingredients, excluding a priori dyes, preservatives and GMOs; The long maintenance of our products is guaranteed by an excretering process of encapsulation and sterilization, eliminating any type of added preservative. Our sauces have the taste of homemade production and maniacal attention to the customer service. These are the two fundamental principles that guide our truffle processing process. All the passages of the entire production process are made within our plant, from the collection and choice of the best fresh truffles, to cleaning, slicing and grinding, up to cooking according to traditional local recipes, sterilization and final packaging. Our participation in national food fairs is constant, as our presence is guaranteed to the various local markets and village festivals of Central-North Italy throughout the year. As regards foreign markets, the numerous European partnerships and the assiduous participation in international sector fairs have allowed us to have important customers/retail distributors GDO and Ho.Re.Ca. Throughout Europe, especially Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland. We boast a prestigious and widespread customers also in other continents.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Truffle sauces

  • - Truffle sauce

  • - Truffle pesto

  • - Fresh and preserved truffles

  • - Bottled truffle extra virgin olive oil

  • - Balsamic vinegar with truffle

  • - Dried porcini mushrooms (first choice and crumb)

  • - Fresh and seasoned cheese with truffles

  • - Truffle pasta

  • - Truffle rice

  • - Truffle salami

  • - Truffle sausage


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