EHE ITALIA - Associazione Non Solo Laura

EHE ITALIA - Associazione Non Solo Laura
The Ehe Italia Association - Not only Laura, founded in January 2021, aims to collaborate with the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, to support patients and guide research on EHE, creating a synergistic network with the centers specialized. The subsidy of scholarships for research is our next goal, so as to anticipate the date on which the diagnosis of Ehe does not need to be feared. Our goals: raise funds, support research, support patients. But what is the ehe? Epithelioid (ehe) emangendotheloma is an ultra rare vascular sarcoma, with unpredictable and often metastatic clinical course at the time of presentation. Given its rarit, there are still many open -minded issues for optimal management in patients with EHE and today there are no dedicated clinical practice guidelines. In addition, it was reported that advanced ehe is scarcely reactive to treatment regimes usually recommended for other sarcomas. There are currently no potentially active alternative treatments approved specifically for this disease. We are only 3.8 cases out of 10 million people per year. The goal of this fair for us is to raise funds that can be given to research for this very rare pathology.

Catégorie de produit

Vêtements et accessoires,Maison et Décoration,Bijoux

Les produits à la foire

  • - Keychain with leather bands, beads

  • - Crochet -made keychain

  • - Handmade crochet work, such as Presine and Centers

  • - Bracelets made by us with beads

  • - Resin necklaces, steel, handmade

  • - Bracelets with beads, resin and steel, handmade