The D'Oco di Gressoney was born in 2000 to keep the Walser tradition alive! We produce traditional slippers. which are still made as tradition wants, entirely by hand! Over the years we have created many new models of slippers always taking inspiration from our tradition! We only use natural fabrics, such as cooked wool and wool felt or real skin! Our slippers are distinguished by their natural warmth and comfort! Since we use natural fabrics, they are perfect to bring the slippers without socks will be even more hot and there is a feeling of well -being on the foot, but not only will they never take bad smell because wool makes it breathe very well! They can also be washed in the washing machine to find out how to contact us! In addition to the slippers, we have created several products such as beautiful and warm wool wool vest practical to put on the coat jackets or shirts and godgings every day! We also produce furnishing products as a plaid in wool cooked both for the sofa and covered for the bed or bed but also for the cradle! We also create practical products for the home such as the bags brings in felt of super capacious resistant and practical wool, but not only for the wood can the blankets or children's games can also be collected! Empatate that in addition to furnishing are really capacious and comfortable! Fabulous stopping and many many other products that we invite you to meet them with our website www.dsocka.com or on our social networks such as Facebook of SOCKA GESSAREY IMPSANTRAM DSOCKA_GSSERIAY TIK TOK DSCOCASTYLE

Catégorie de produit

Vêtements et accessoires

Les produits à la foire

  • - Open and closed slippers in wool

  • - Pantofolona with 4 pairs of guest slippers

  • - Children's slippers

  • - Wooden bags

  • - Plaids and wool cushions

  • - Wool tanks and capes

  • - Empatatque and home accessories

  • - Cordoni or magnets stop

  • - covers

  • - covers For the cradle

  • - Wool Gnomes

  • - Ghirlande and Christmas balls with wool and pine cones

  • - Christmas decorations in wool

  • - Oresetti with wool dress

  • - scarves and wool hats

  • - keychain, door holders, wool holder

  • - pins pins with wool decorations

  • - ceramic bells with wool flowers and pine cones

  • -