Your farm, since 1958 our 64 -year history of Fattoria Granolat is the story of an authentic authenticity handed down from generation to generation by grandfather Giuseppe and grandmother Carmela to date, which tells of the grain family and their continuous evolution, in a world in whose modernity and tradition merge. Sale Mozzarelle Lucane online Fattoria GRANOLAT genuineness, passion, tradition and innovation that merge to create the perfect product to put in the table in 1958 the two progenitor of the farm, grandfather Giuseppe and grandmother Carmela, decide to buy a fragment of land, Where with love and dedication they began to plant the roots of a large family consolidated more and more over the years. Cows and sheep, so much sacrifice and highly pure product, fed by deep respect for animals. ""Dairy wisdom was transmitted from generation to generation for decades, also infecting us grandchildren"" Maria Grano learned the profession from the parents, opened the dairy in 1991 in which the artisan cheeses of the Grigolat Farm, in Brienza in the province of Potenza are still produced todayOver time, the Grano farm continued to cultivate the wisdom of goodness and genuine products, obtaining extraordinary results with the awareness of improving every day more and more to achieve the perfect dairy product. Online Sale Mozzarelle Fattoria GRANOLAT MOZZZARELLE GRANOLAT PRODUCTS SALE AT TRUFFO FA FA FA FAITORY GRANOLAT CRIME OF ONE POINT POINTS OF FARM GRANOLAT: the Truffle Scamorza in February 2017 was born GRANOLAT FARM. As per family tradition, at the center of the heart of the company there are seven very prepared people in the agricultural, commercial and dairy sector. Cataldo, deals with the administration and breeding of cattle, Giuseppe, commercial sector and goods distribution, Antonio who deals with the Brienza store, while Filomena, Maria and Giuseppe deal with the production sector inside the dairy. Do not forget Adriano Azzato with Lázienda Azzato GmbH who rarely rarely, of the Regionen Basilicate throughout Germany. Today it is an Italian excellence in the Granolat farm sector located in the beautiful Basilicata, it is based on tradition, artisan care, innovation orientation and respect for the environment, territory and community, which have made us earn the prestigious mountain logo. Monta brand of animal welfare logo discover our dairy products

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  • - Milk cheeses of our controlled cows


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