Carpentieri - Liquori Artigianali - Exige - Profumi e Saponi

Carpentieri - Liquori Artigianali - Exige - Profumi e Saponi

Carpentierbe is a company that deals with the processing of the best herbs and fruits typical of our territory, Calabria, in an artisanal way, according to techniques and secrets unchanged over time. Our history began in Calabria in 1967, the year of foundation of the company: from that moment we prepare liqueurs, natural perfumes, vegetable soaps and body products always with the same cure, day after day, year after year. Our goal is to create something that has a deep link with the smells, the flavors we know and that surround us daily the wide range of products has led us to create two distinct brands to facilitate the distinction to the public - Carpentieri liqueurs for the creation of Freed liqueurs and drinks starting from aromatic herbs, bergamots and other typical fruits of our land - Exige perfuumes that develops natural perfumes, vegetable soaps, fragrances for the body and home starting from the odorous plants gained under the warm South sun. The knowledge now acquired in decades of activity allow us to work and better transform the fruit of nature to obtain unique and valuable products.

Catégorie de produit

Boissons,Maison et Décoration,Santé et beauté

Les produits à la foire

  • - Liqueurs, production of liqueurs and spirit drinks

  • - Perfumes and diffusers for the home and environments

  • - Pure essential oils of plant origin

  • - Scented candles for the home and environments

  • - Perfumes and home fragrances

  • - Scented solid soaps for the body


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