My name is Marco and together with my wife Stefania, we decided to start this entrepreneurial project in the territory where we were born and raised, among the mountains of the province of Belluno. The history of our laboratory begins like that of many parents. If it is true that having a son changes your life from a human and sentimental point of view, for us it has also been from a professional point of view. Everything started in 2016 when Angelica was born, our first daughter. From that moment on we started to be very attentive to the products that were bought for his bath, for his cleansing and in general for his care. We have constantly sought products as natural as possible, learning to read the ingredients of each product and get to know those that were fine, compared to those instead to avoid. All this not for a whim but to increase our daughter's well-being, avoiding annoying dermatitis or irritation. During this little research we discovered that the plants and herbs grown naturally or cultivated in a biological way are the best components that a product for cosmetic use can have. Especially for us it has been clear that, the use of natural products is only a small step in the commitment that we all have to assume in interpreting virtuous behavior to safeguard our planet, and thus offer our children a better world than what they have found. If it is true that each is the son of the roads that runs, we decided to start our business when Arianna is born, the second small family. We decided to detect a company already existing and to infuse all our passion in her, our commitment and our environmental philosophy. Officinal Dolomites It's just that. A family matter. Because the products we propose to you are made with the same careful and rigorous selection of the ingredients when we were committed to choosing the product to be used for the booth of Angelica and Arianna. Our products are: 100% natural and organic Fashion to the whole family Without parabens, without silicones, without microspheres, without chemical dyes and synthetic products Manufactured by hand at our Feltre Laboratory (BL) 90% vegans and not tested on animals Simple and clear compositions Our sales channels: We have decided to sell exclusively our products at local markets and specialized trade fairs (as well as at our online shop)

Catégorie de produit

Santé et beauté

Les produits à la foire

  • - Blueberry face cream and verbena

  • - donkey milk face cream

  • - Canine rose face cream

  • - Donkey milk burrycaca

  • - Hand cream with hypericum flowers

  • - Eye contour face serum

  • - Facial mask with rice powder

  • - Shower gel with Aloe Vera

  • - 100% natural antiading

  • - Exotic body cream

  • - Asina milk body cream


Chaîne d'approvisionnement durable
Sans Parabenic