Azienda Agricola Cascina Bruno

Azienda Agricola Cascina Bruno

Azienda Agricola Cascina Bruno - Quality, tradition and well -being since 1999 The Cascina Bruno company was born in 1999 in Elice (PE) in Abruzzo. Initially dedicated to the production of minivary extra virgin olive oil and PDO Aprutino-Pescarese subsequently the company has diversified the production by installing a breeding of snails of land from gastronomy and for cosmetic use; In fact, the aforementioned company boasts the machine for the extraction of the latest generation ""Mullerone 4.0"" Bava, currently unique in the Central-South Italy. The references of cosmetic products based on snail slime are under expansion, at the moment the company counts 5. chased with the purchase of new land, the company has dedicated itself to the seminators as a hard wheat senator hat and spelled ; From the wheat the company has managed to obtain 4 different formats of artisanal pasta. Several investments for environmental sustainability were made in the company, in fact the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the main shed have been installed 4 years ago and from this year about 900 olive plants enjoy an underground irrigation system that allows less consumption d Water and guarantees the best precision of irrigation as the water comes directly to the roots without evaporation or loss. The irrigation system of the olive grove and for the breeding of snails can also be managed remotely via a specific app. As far as the extra virgin olive oil is concerned, the company in principle began producing only one oil label, at the moment it can boast the production of 4 minivaries, the Aprutino-Pescarese PDO and a Blend Evo Grand Cru now present from years in the most famous oil guides in Italy.

Catégorie de produit

Aliments,Santé et beauté

Les produits à la foire

  • - Bottled extra virgin olive oil

  • -

  • - Extra virgin olive oil in tin

  • -

  • - Supplements Other

  • - Food supplements based on snail slime

  • - Durum wheat pasta

  • - Senatore Cappelli durum wheat pasta

  • - Cereals

  • - Pearl Spelled

  • - Meat

  • - Gastronomic snails

  • -

  • - Face cream

  • - Snail slime face cream

  • - Eye contour

  • - Eye contour with snail slime

  • - Facial cleanser

  • - Facial cleansing mousse with snail slime

  • - Face serum

  • - Snail slime face serum

  • - Face products other

  • - Pure drool spray

  • -

  • - Sets and Gift Boxes

  • -

  • - Tomato sauces and sauces

  • - Pear d'Abruzzo tomato puree

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