The history of La Peasanti originated in 1983 when Masi's family, first breeders and then transformers lead the company, in a very short time, to become a leader in a sector that makes quality and goodness its strength. The kindness of the staff, the warm welcome reserved for customers, compliance with the hygienic-sanitary rules are just some of the distinctive characteristics of La Fardina, now present in some of the main fairs of the sector. Hands attentive in a context made of great cleaning and attention work, daily, mozzarella and morsels, the most requested and appreciated products, braids of mozzarella, ricotta, fresh or seasoned caciocavalli, sweet or spicy, smoked or white tests, butter and burrins and Still, under the wise direction of expert massages in the area, fresh pasta and a phantasmagoric review of typical sweets that all take the throat. Quality, courtesy, innate vocation for availability and understanding are the business card of the stores.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - DOP buffalo mozzarella DOP

  • - buffalo ricotta

  • - buffalo yogurt


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