az. agr. BUOSI ETTORE S.S.A.

az. agr. BUOSI ETTORE S.S.A.

The ""Buosi Ettore Ssa"" was born as a joke in 2010 as a Buosi Ettore farm, when my father decided to cultivate in a virgin land of the ancient ""Pignoletto"" corn, without the use of fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. The collection as well as the shell of the cobs took place all by hand, just like once. The event brought great satisfaction and gratitude not only to my father, but also to the people of the country who learned of this news. Therefore, the seeds of other types of ancient wheat began, such as ""White Pignoletto"", ""White horse tooth"" and ""Vitreo red horse tooth"", always without the use of chemical agents and with the continuation of the selection and shelling of the cobs manually. In 2014 he decided to expand his production by starting to sow the spelled spelled ""spelled"" and 3 types of variety of tender wheat ""verna"", ""Gentil Rosso"" and ""Frassineto"", the latter of ancient varieties of Tuscan wheat, with which We produce flour for bread and pizza, and 3 types of pasta. In the same year, he tried to produce the corn cakes: the procedure is a bit that of the popcorn, the corn bean was burst at a temperature of 270 ° C and then, with the sole addition of a little salt , is crushed to create the gallet. Finally, in 2018, the seminatura of the barley began for the production of beer, which takes place definitively at the beginning of 2020. During the quarantine Covid-19, I, Roberta, approached my father's passion, starting to know not Only the part concerning the actual work of the company, but also the beauty of being in nature in the open air. On October 1, 2020 the ""Buosi Ettore simple agricultural company"" was born.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Flour for polenta from ancient grains of multiple types

  • - Corn or spelled biscuits and chips, tasty and healthy

  • - Spelled pasta from ancient grains grown organically

  • - Soft wheat pasta from ancient grains, grown in biologists

  • - Unfiltered blonde and red beer

  • - Gift baskets and Christmas packages with our products


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