Knodus canederli

Knodus canederli
In the Aurina Valley, a company has been born for a few years that has made Südtirol quality one of its fundamental values. And as the name of the ""Knodus"" company also reminds us, the product we deal with mainly, are the famous ""Knödel"", the much renowned and tasty South Tyrolean dumplings. From the classic dumplings to speck to the cheese ones, from those to the finiferi to the spinach ones and not only ... for some years on the market you can also find the equally famous ""Schlutzkrapfen"", the middays in the ricotta-can variant and still dishes Complete like the gulasch with the dumplings. Knodus dumplings are prepared following the original and simple peasant recipe, using few, but genuine ingredients. Flour, bread, speck, chives, onion, eggs, spinach and cheese: fresh raw materials, without the use of added preservatives and dyes. Once ready, the dumplings are packed through a special method of conservation in a protective atmosphere, which guarantees its maintenance of freshness. And the range does not stop there. Every year Knodus launches a new reference on the market to the delight of his faithful consumers. This year we launched the barley, which is a barley risotto with speck, vegetables in Parmigiano Reggiano.

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