Once turning around London in the wall of a station I read a phrase that struck me very much ""successful people do what other people don't want to do"", so I have concretized this idea of ​​soap as a gift idea. The ""perfume of dreams"" markets a new type of natural soap. In comparison of the ""traditional"" soap it differs in its shape and fragrance, bringing the final consumer back to a unique experience, leaving it amazed. We have eight types of forms available ( Butterfly, flower, heart, star, tree, four -leaf clover ..) with eleven different fragrances (thrush, verbena, sandal and myrrh, vanilla ..). These types of natural soaps can be used not only for use, i.e. the cosmetic one, But also for the decorative one, for example: gift ideas, favors and environment perfumers. With this type of soap, we offer a new idea of ​​a gift. I explain to you with a practical example so you can understand better. When we receive a gift, included of box, usually we throw the box and we throw it or put it aside, without ""using it"". By doing this the person who offers the gift, spends money for something that must be thrown away or not used. So n or what did we think? Why not look for something that is beautiful but at the same time useful and cheap? The perfumed soap, allows the receiver of the gift to use it for daily use or to perfume the house environments (room, closet of the wardrobe etc.). Unlike the common object (scatter, cutting board etc.), soap does not create waste because most people like to perfume environments or try something never seen, like our soap.

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Maison et Décoration,Santé et beauté

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