The Pastificio Genua is an artisan production reality surrounded by green Irpinia and conducted by the Genua family. It is distinguished by the exclusivity of the raw materials used, of facts instead of buying semolina from the classical milling industry prefers to supply the wheat by establishing direct agreements with local farmers. It is one of the very few companies to offer fresh pasta produced with the ancient grain Marzellina, grown exclusively in Irpinia (AV) with a supply chain guaranteed by Slow Food. The goal of the Pastificio Genua is ""helping people to eat healthy, good products and feel better, in respect of the Italian environment and farmers."" Pasta Genua is a candidate as ""your trusted pasta factory"", to create healthy and flavor first courses.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Fresh regional pasta and packed bronze drill

  • - High quality fresh pasta produced 100% Italian wheat

  • - Fresh pasta with eggs bred on the ground and bronze pierced

  • - Tagliatelle

  • - Tagliolini

  • - Tonnarelli

  • - Fettuccine

  • - pappardelle

  • - Fresh pasta produced with grain Marzellina Slow Food garrison

  • - Packs of 250 and 500 g.

  • - Product with ancient grain grown 100% Irpinia


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