Born from the stubbornness of the owner, the company, is based in the historic center of Naples, the products and creations made with both precious metals and with strictly natural stones, are always characterized by a unique style, by the refinement of the shapes of the styles, always to step with the times. The passion for stones allows our clientele to be able to choose between different jewelry and accessories in semi -deprecious stones, highly appreciated objects, in the past, from the courts all over the world. Our strong point is therefore to be able to offer our customers always new and refined products, our frequent spare parts of goods give the opportunity to buy an always different and innovative jewel. For the most particular needs, you can make use of the best goldsmiths and craftsmen present in the sector and artisan experience of the owner.

Catégorie de produit

Bijoux,Maison et Décoration

Les produits à la foire

  • - Silver rings

  • - rings with stones

  • - brass rings

  • - hypoallergenic alloy rings

  • - Silver rings

  • - rings with stones

  • - brass rings

  • - Various metal rings with and without stones

  • - Hymnargical metals bracelets with and without stones

  • - Hard stone bracelets

  • - Hymnalergic metal bracelets

  • - Silver bracelets with and without stones

  • - bracelets with leather stones and precious and semi -predict metals

  • - pendants with semi -deprecious stones in metal or silver

  • - pendants with natural stones and/or precious and semi -prewarding metals

  • - pendants in various hypoallergenic materials

  • - Necklaces with silver and natural stones, coral, hypoallergenic metal

  • - Necklaces with stones, hypoallergenic metal, cotton, silver

  • - Necklaces with semi -deprecious stones, metal, cotton, silver

  • - Capeimonte ceramic craft pendants

  • - twins with stones and/or metal or silver

  • - Earrings with coral pearls or natural stones mounted in silver, brass or hypoallergenic metal

  • - earrings with silver and natural stones, coral and pearls

  • - Metal silver pins with natural stones and hypoallergenic resins

  • - Resin ornaments and recycled materials with superstitious theme