kardmum junction

kardmum junction
About Us a Beautiful Amalgamation of South India and Milan ""Kardmum is Not Only Taste But Culture, Kardmum is not Only food but emotions, Kardmum is not only restorent but an essence."" It a started with an idea, an idea of ​​experience the essence of flavours and ingredients seatequed for by people throughout history. The History of food in India Not Only Dates Back to one of the first civilization in the world, it has always been a Crucial Part of the Lives of People Throughout the Generations. The Idea of ​​Experience This in One of the Biggest Cities of Europe, Milan, Thousands of Kilometers Away from South India, was a Dream Which Has Now Become A Reality. The Story of Kardmum Origintes All the way from Kerala - Gods Own Country in the South of India to Milan, The Fashion Capital of the World. Born As Dream and Passion, Kardmum is the place to enjoy and indulge in food and it's taste along with transporting yourself to the south Of India While Still Being in Milan. Cardamom is an ingredient of love, care and zing and kardmum brings all that into it plate of culinary desires. The Temple Bells of South India and their Forever Reverberating sounds are replicated In Kardmum Where The Bells of Flavour Will Reverberate in Your Taste Buds and Heart, Long After You Have Left the Place, Insisting You To Come Back Once More and More and More. The Backwaters of Kerala Are The Hidden Gems of Indian Tourism and So Are The Delicacies of the South, Bright and Flavourful Hidden Gems of Indian Cuisine.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Pollo curry

  • - Pollo arrosto

  • - Vegetables side dishes

  • - Indian breads -Kerala Paratta

  • - Basmati rice

  • - Wild rice -ParBoiled Rice

  • - Freshwater fish

  • - Fish other

  • - Legumes -Sambhar, Dal

  • - Pazham Pori -Banana Fried in rice/wheat batter

  • - Gulab Jamun

  • - Payasam

  • - Indian Beers

  • - Fruit juices and nectars Other

  • - Tea -Cardamom Chai

  • - Herbal teas

  • - Infusions

  • - Prosecco

  • - Indian Wine -Prosecco, White,Red

  • - Red wine

  • - Rose