Cooperativa Cofruits

Cooperativa Cofruits

The cooperative Cofruits was founded in 1964 by a group of appliance producers to store and sell the fruits of its members. Over the years the activity evolves and today it welcomes most of the products of the agricultural sector and the typical craftsmanship of the Valle d'Aosta. The heart of the activity is the mountain apple. The oructites of our members grow along the central axis of the Aosta Valley, on the slopes of the mountains. The ventilated and dry climate, typical of this valley, brakes the development of fungal pathologies, to the benefit of the health of fruit. Help from nature for the organoleptic qualities of the apple. In addition to apples and its transformers (juices, peats, dried apples, cider and liqueurs, vinegar) in the shops of the cooperative you can find fruit and vegetables of season and km0 and the main typical products of the Aosta Valley: wine, cheese and dairy products , cold cuts and meats, distillates, sweets, pasta and flour, sauces and preserves. Cofruits has always been committed to offer quality products and km0. Our strength is the cooperative: our members are consolidated local realities that produce quality raw material, with the most respectful techniques of the natural balance of the mountain.

Catégorie de produit


Les produits à la foire

  • - Apple juice: extracted from Aosta Valley apples

  • - Chestnut honey: honey produced by Cofruits members

  • - Millefiori Honey: honey produced by Cofruits members

  • - Acacia honey: honey produced by Cofruits members

  • - Other honeys: honeys produced by Cofruits members

  • - Panettone assorted flavours: baked product with rennet apples

  • - Liqueurs: apple-based liqueurs

  • - Apple vinegar: produced with Aosta Valley apples

  • - Fruit in syrup: apples in syrup in a glass jar


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