Famiglia Desideri

Famiglia Desideri
The Desideri family produces sweets from the early 1900s. Our story begins with the wise work of our great -grandfather Stefano Desideri who turned the villages of Tuscany as a street vendor by selling 'chicchi' in viere and local markets. The brigidini of Lamporecchio, his hometown, became his specialty so as to obtain the gold medal at the Campionaria di Milano in 1911. Since then, family recipes have handed down from father to son and, after three generations, the grandchildren Giacomo and Luca continue tradition by remaining faithful to their origins but bringing modernity and innovation. Few ingredients, all genuine are the secret of our artisan company spokesmen for the traditions of the territory and deeply linked to it: Valdinievole, Tuscany. The products of the Desideri family, Cialde di Montecatini, Brigidini di Lamporecchio, Cantucci di Prato, are distinguished by the authenticity of the ingredients, for the total absence of dyes and preservatives, for the craftsmanship of the processing, all characteristics that make this little one of ours family -run company an excellence. Cialde di Montecatini Terme Le Cialde, Montecatini's specialties, are a natural wafer whose uniqueness lies in the subtle and fragrant sheet that contains a delicate grain of sugar and almonds, the latter, present in the recipe with a minimum of 44% , rich in iron and vitamins, in addition to the well -known antioxidant properties, make Montecatini's pods particularly nourishing and healthy. The sheet, less than a millimeter tall, before being assembled with almonds and sugar crosses a seasoning phase of about 15 days depending on the period. Wise and careful hands follow each phase until the realization of the final product, that's why our pods are for those who enjoy a unique sensory journey. They can be consumed alone as a delicious biscuit or can be accompanied to ice cream, whipped cream, spreadable chocolate or fresh fruit salad. Lamporecchio brigidini among our products The brigidino di Lamporecchio is undoubtedly the most particular: a thin and crunchy sheet made of eggs, flour, sugar and anise, the simple dessert of the village parties, full of history and tradition, product Even today with the same recipe as the great -grandfather Stefano. The brigidins can be compared to a sweet potato church to slander, to combine with cream or chocolate or to be consumed as a dessert at the end of the evening with a good Tuscan vinsanto.

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