Acqua di Civita Beauty & Rooms

Acqua di Civita Beauty & Rooms

5 years ago, we 3 brothers, Silvia, Daniela and Andrea gave birth to ""water of Civita"". The name is born from the water that gave birth to Civita (Civita di Bagnoregio is the place where we live) but also from the one that generated us. And the term itself Civita includes the word life. Water and life we ??wanted to include in the logo that represents us and we feel very close, as evidenced by the commitment to respect the nature that surrounds us and for innovation that we want to lead to the territory. We take care of the production of perfume lines for both the person and the environment, we take care of the production process of biological cosmetics with donkey milk, bay of snail and jaluronic acid and artisan soaps. For us the perfume that must remain on the skin must identify oneself with the sensitivities of the wearer but also to allow him to remember the emotions and the olfactory notes of the village that lived. The bases are therefore all natural related to denatured alcohol and from the choice of essences linked to the territory such as lavender, jasmine and the woods of the valley, which trigger olfactory memories, to which the excellence of the ingredients coming from the whole world are added. All cosmetic products are organic and phytotherapy have a great natural and organic research before being put on the market. Including soaps that are still processed with pure extracts mixed with coconut and olive oils in pots and cooled in wooden benches and then be sliced.

Catégorie de produit

Maison et Décoration,Santé et beauté,Promotion du Tourisme,Services personnels

Les produits à la foire

  • - Acqua di Civita linen

  • - Hand painted ceramic Christmas balls

  • - Animali in ceramica artistica

  • - Soap holder toothbrush holder boxes in hand painted ceramic

  • - Linee di candele profumate

  • - Olio essenziale per vaporizzatori ambiente

  • - 5 lines of home fragrances in 100 ml refill

  • - 100 ml in glass

  • - 250 ml in glass formats - Wax spheres to contain fragrances for the environment

  • - Shower gel with donkey milk and olive oil

  • - Body cream with donkey milk and olive oil - Body cream with snail slime and olive oil

  • - Perfumed body spray

  • - Soaps: - Olive oil - Orange and cinnamon - Verbena - Donkey milk - Snail slime - Clay - Lemon - Opium - Red grapes - Lavender

  • - Crema mani con latte d’asina e olio d’oliva

  • - Shampoo con latte d’asina e olio d’oliva

  • - Cocoa butter with donkey milk - Cocoa butter with snail slime

  • - Contorno occhi al ciliegio giapponese

  • - Crema viso con latte d’asina e olio d’oliva -Crema viso con bava di lumaca e olio d’oliva -Crema viso con rosa canina e acido Jaluronico

  • - Solid cleansing soap

  • - Serum with snail slime 80% -Serum with hyaluronic acid

  • - Facial toner with rose extracts

  • - Perfume Charme Acqua di Civita size 15/50 / 100ML-Perfume Civitas Acqua di Civita size 15/50 / 100ML

  • - Profumo Folie Acqua di Civita formato 15/50/100ML-Profumo Regis Acqua di Civita formato 15/50/100 ML

  • - Profumo Franche Florale Acqua di Civita 15/50/100 ML

  • - Sets and packs made up of cosmetic products and perfumes

  • - Pacchetti per soggiorno presso le nostre strutture ricettive

  • - Massages and beauty treatments at the facility