AOI clothing / kimono & Fashion

AOI clothing / kimono & Fashion
Aoi Clothing is a Franco-Japanese fashion house based in Paris, specializing in prêt-à-porter creations that reinterpret the idea of ​​kimono, through the creation of unique pieces and limited series, creating, in this way, a bridge between Asia and Europe. Our collection ranges from clothing designed for everyday life, up to ceremony clothes made with precious Japanese thirsts, while always maintaining attention to the latest trends in the segment of the youngest. Aoi Clothing, over time, has supported its production a growing activity of importing Japanese craftsmanship, with products ranging from clothing to furnishings, haberdashery to kitchen utensils, from the chancellery to antiques. The customer who enters into our exhibition space, finds himself catapulted in a unique atmosphere, ""breathes"" Japan and sees the tradition projected in the contemporaneity.

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Les produits à la foire

  • - Karage

  • - Fried chicken according to typical Japanese recipe

  • - Japanese rice

  • - Japanese beer


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