Our graphics and mechanical engineers have created a collection of "3D lamps in laminated HDF and UV-painted HDF" for you. The final product is entirely cut to the laser with very high quality machinery, so it will be a small challenge for you as you will be just you who have to assemble it. The instructions contained within the beautiful packaging, are easy to interpret and downloadable on our site https://wallree.it/Istruzioni/ in dual language: Italian and English. Don't forget that those that may seem like simple wall trophies, are actually LED light lamps. WallTree.it offers a kit equipped with a remote control and different programming of light, thanks to which your 3D puzzle can become a spendida Abat Jour. Discover the whole walltree.it line on our site and at our retailers, we still remain at your disposal and do not hesitate to contact us for information and lists dedicated to you.

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  • - Interlocking 3d puzzle as a piece of furniture

  • - Interlocking 3d puzzle